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Yves Gagnon Photography Yves Gagnon Photography

​Meet Your New Photography Coach!

​I'm Yves Gagnon by name, an expert landscape photographer with a very vibrant and natural style.

I've captured a lot of unforgettable moments and memories as they happen, some of which are featured in famous magazine events, which include:

Fall 2018 Running Room Magazine, Grand Falls Tourism Guide, Social Media Platforms and select images displayed at the 2018 Exposure Photography Festival.

That's why I've Created photography courses Calgary workshops to reveal to people how to become amazing photographers by removing complexity and giving the necessary skills to kickstart a professional photography experience with confidence and stand out from the crowd.

Feel free to contact me for help or join me on a photography adventure in the Canadian Rockies, and if you have any questions about upcoming sessions, just don't hesitate to ask me. I truly look forward to meeting you.

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