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Blog Post - Jul 11, 2022 - the preparation of your photoshoot
Blog Post - Jul 11, 2022 - the preparation of your photoshoot

Have you ever struggled with your photography and why you can’t take great photos! You think you have a good grasp of your camera settings!


I think most of us have struggled with the art of composition and to tell the story of your images; trust me, I have been there.


To achieve the ultimate results; walk around with your mobile phone and shoot different compositions; shoot low, high vertical or horizontal and see what composition works best to tells the best story of your image.


Things to consider before shooting;

  1. what is your goal of your image or images;
  2. What story you want to tell with the images;
  3. Research and prepare your photography outing; what kind of photos you want to take, the best time, the equipment and specific knowledge you need to have for various scenarios;
  4. Light direction, weather forecast, best time of the time to photograph the area you want to photograph;
  5. Research what other photos were taken from the area;
  6. Finds apps that can help you in your decision making I.e Alpenglow, Ventusky, Magic Hour, PhotoPills;
  7. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions to go out photographing.


The bottom line, preparation is essential to take great photos.

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